Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sayonara Nokia N95

I lost my mobile phone at Berjaya Times Square on the 23rd July. With it all the important contact numbers, addresses and notes. So now I’m left scratching my head; making calls, incoming calls etc. oh heck 

Nowadays mobile phone is considered as a basic necessity. Individual is represented in number. We can surely buy a new phone. The contents however, once lost, are irreplaceable.

Just imagine losing your relatives, clients, customers, and business associates number! Huh. If you lose someone else phone number, you wont be able to communicate with that person.


For anyone that called/sms/whatever: Sorry

For the person that took my handphone: MAY YOU DIE IN HELL! Muahahaha (ketawa penjahat)




Anonymous said...

hohohoh pernah baca advertisemt minta pulangkan simcard =P
emm..seingat aku dulu, kalau digi, ilang simcard boleh request no. yang sama.

Anonymous said...

sabar ko bosss