Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Injury woes

I went to Permai Policlinic to remove a stye, in my right eye, which has been bugging me since February. So I decided to get an operation since it was getting worse. It effect my sight and of course, *cough* looks *cough*. However the doctor suggested to see an eye specialist a.k.a orthopaedist.

So she gave me a letter (refer above picture), which I am still puzzled about the content.

Cut the story short, I went to SMC and the orthopaedist successfully removed the stye. Thank god! after 5 months. Overall, I need to fork out a total of RM450.00. 

  • First day - eye check up, medicine and consultation (from the doctor) – RM230.00
  • Second day - operation and more consultations (from the doctor and nurse)  – RM220.00
  • Third day - take off the eye patch and a lot of consultations (from the doctor, nurse, especially from families and friends) – RM0 J

Thank you Dr. Molly!

On Saturday, still recovering from the operation, I played basketball with my friends at Damai Hall. It was more than a decade (if i'm not mistaken) since i played my last indoor basketball. It was fun. Considering I played with some familiar faces back in high school. There was like 16 of us and a whole court to play with. 

Still, my joy was short-lived when I injured my ankle. I landed awkwardly on my left ankle after doing a lay-up. Nevertheless, I continued to play assuming it was only a small injury. Men usually don’t cry over small things right? The next day I found out this on my ankle.

Maybe I had torn my muscle when I landed. Now, I can’t walk properly. *sigh*. Looking forward for another basketball game though. ;)


Anonymous said...

It reads:
I have examined Mr. Andi on 7/7/08 who is presenting with a chronic huge(being cut) hordeolum right (rt) for 4 months. kindly do the needing. TQ, so and so..
**I guess u must have met the ophthalmologist instead of an orthopaedist *wink* Get well!

Anonymous said...

now what? SMC again hahahahaha
get well soon =P

tomato said...

to anonymous: tq a lot! it should have been an ophthalmologist instead of an orthopaedist. for the letter contents, you solved my misery.

to juliez: as for the foot, no treatment required. let it heal itself over time. ;)