Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Likas Fracas

This video has long been overdue, but I want to post it anyway.


Video synopsis

It was taken after the Sabah match (i forgot the opponent). Sabah was leading before a simple defense error saw their early lead cut. Finally they lost the match, which enraged the crowd (including me!). It didn’t stop there, afterwards the angry mob gathered around the players exit outside the stadium to express their disappointment. They blame on one particular Sabah player, which I wont mention here, that lead to the losses.

This fracas was less intense than the Sabah vs Negri Sembilan 2003 match (read here for info), but it still reflect how Sabahan reacted to such a poor performance from the state players.

The video quality was rather low, due to the fact it was taken from a low-resolution handphone. The dim lighting and noise also affect the outcome. You may need to put your volume to the maximum to listen to what they were saying.

Video Chronology;

  • 0 - 0.33 min -> angry mob shouting and swearing players
  • 0.34 - 0.35 min -> police siren came to the rescue
  • 0.35 - 1.55 min -> angry mob resumed their shouting and swearing

Subsequently, the angry mob started to disperse gradually after the police came. The presence of FRU also help controlled the situation.