Monday, February 23, 2009

This was my fourth consecutive year joining the annual treasure hunt organized by DBKK. There were 120 teams competing this year for the ultimate Kota Kinabalu hunt.

After a tiring Labuan Open last week, this is the day that I have been waiting! Yes, its one of my New Years resolution to participate in the DBKK treasure hunt. Hooray!

KK Mayor flagged of the participant.


We started the hunt at 7.50 am and finished at 2.11 pm. We clocked 6 hours and 21 minutes this time around. The time limit was 6 and half hours, a reduction of 30 minutes from last year.

While waiting for the Q&A session and price giving ceremony, we were entertained by the hilarious MC and Stacy Af6. Huiyoo Stacy pun ada ikut oo

Every team seems to be winning something in the lucky draw. We were so unlucky not to get any of those prizes. I almost thought we would leave empty handed, and almost left the hall when the MC called out our name.


18th place!


No complain for that. We did our best but a blunder on the timing cost us 5 valuable points at Terminal 2. Not to mention the Cap Badak treasure, and the other silly mistakes. All in all, it was a great hunt for our team.


KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt 2009 full result 

Position & Group member - Points

1 Chai Koh Khai, Margaret Sha, Chong Voon Kiat, Claire Chin - 136

2 Cornelius Koh, Euphemia Thien, Dennis Koh, Edward Baki - 126

3 Onalia Kong, Allister Kong, Victoria Kong, Benjamin Liew - 124

4 Shirley Lim, Dr. Liaw Yun Haw, Mary Lokupi, Ellen Yee - 122

5 Ag. Ahmad, Ag. Sarpuddin, Masri Khan, Zuriah Hanafiah - 122

6 Johan Salul, Sallehuddin Yusof, Dr. Ben Lau, Kheirul Nazib - 122

7 Jessie Ligayus, Suzanne Majani, Adoree Malingang, Anna Yong - 121

8 Benedict Bisoni, Mark Martin, Morris Bisoni - 121

9 Bernard Liew, Alvin Wong, Christine Netto, Audrey Chin - 118

10 Donald Stephens, Nabil Hyder, Laura Lidi Basinau, Benedict Basinau - 116

11 Alexius Daut, M. Jennifer, Coreen Rozina, Monsu Godon - 116

12 Frederick Samson, Teo Chen Lung, Leslie Yew, Tan Cher Kian - 115

13 Yahya Salim, Normegawati Sapian, Zarinah Amiludin, Halimah Hassan - 113

14 Albert Kong, Siti Moira Jamal, Jason Chin, Noorainee Jamal - 113

15 Team 107 (couldn't find your names in the info book) - 111

16 Liaw Lam Thye, Richard Tsen, Jeffery Fong, Renny Khoo - 111

17 Team 49 (couldn't find your names in the info book) - 111

18 Andi Muhd. Suryady, Annie Foo, Andi Suryanty, Zurie Hazfinie - 111 <---

19 Noridawati Abd Rahman, Salmah Aplasin, Sherin Nur Nadreena, Ahmad Jalani - 110

20 Elizabeth Malangkig, Malcolm Abidin, Mary Malangkig, Talissa Kiandee - 110

Team 1, Hunters "R" Us from KL bagged home the 1st prize worth RM5,000.00 plus goods. Behind them was Team 2, led by CK KOH with 8 points different. 

Makes me wonder where did they drop points. Mind you that the full points are 140!

I think the top teams answered all the questions and treasure correctly. Which sets them apart from the other teams. Whereas challenge was, at least, a 50-50 thing. Take example the ‘every little drop counts’ challenge. Most team got an average of 4-6 points out of 10.

Now I’m looking forward for the next treasure hunt!

p/s - many thanks to feizal for the walkie talkie and team chase angels for the encouragement

Here's the result from the 1st stage of the tournament.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One word to sum up our team performance in the tournament; UNFORTUNATE.

My games were marred by my marker poor performance, only to find out later that the trigger screw was loose, affecting the trigger effectiveness. It’s frustrating to know how that actually can change the outcome of the matches I played.

Out of 12 matches, we fought against the eventual 3 teams that top the open and amateur category respectively. Nevertheless we did accomplish our target, winning 10% of our total matches. That is 3 out of 12, which achieve the target but still a far cry from our actual capability.

It was an enjoyable experience though. We had had our time. But up till today I still feel lost, knowing we could do much better. Alas, we can never be please at everything.


Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.  ~Henry Ford

Friday, February 13, 2009

In 3 hours I’ll be going to Labuan. Packed my stuff hastily, cleaned my room, updated all my fb games *hahaha*. Hope I wont miss a thing. Otherwise I’ll go nuts. It’s been ages since I last went to the island.

Actually I’m not in a good condition to go. I’ve been struck by fever since Tuesday, it’s really killing me. My marker needs some tweak in the trigger (I haven’t done it yet). I got group presentation that carries 10 marks in the evening (not presenting = 0). A meeting on Saturday morning (why they appointed me to write the minutes in the first place). And oh, I left all the office work unfinished. Yahuu!!! it’s dreadful. What a suitable time of the year.

I haven’t sleep yet. Surely I’ll sleep serenely in the ferry. It’s going to be a rough weekend. I hope my teammates can perform, it not going to be straightforward. Hope I chose the right path to go to Labuan Open. Hell, nothing is easy. God made choices so choices can make human go paning.

Signing off

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I came across a website that estimates a blog value after reading ‘coretan seorang bloggers di Tawau’.

Curiously, I run a check on several of my favourite visited blog.

RPK Malaysia todays' blog

Kenny Sias' blog

and of course, the most famous blog in the country, Tun Mahathirs' blog

 Wonder why it got errored?


And even Boondocks Barrack

Sorry guys, maybe u can fare better next time


Then, I nearly popped my eyes when I saw how much my blog is worth!



Its equivalent to a whopping RM 19,072,425.54 (USD1.00 = RM3.61)

Considering those 3 blogs and mine, it is just laughable.