Friday, July 18, 2008

New semester, same problem! That’s my comment for postgraduate registration day. The situation hasn’t change much for this time around. As usual, there was confusion. We were in disarray yet again. The registration was inefficient, so much so one has to wait more than a few minutes for a simple task to be delivered.

Mana satu kaunter mau register ni ahBayar dulu ka? Mana mau ambil result? Were the standard questions raised (Why did I pick the first day?!)

The fact that I went through some difficulty, prior to arriving at registration place added my misery. Firstly I went all the way to administration building at 6th floor, only to be told that PLUMS office is at Psychology faculty. (Ops, my bad! They switch office a few months ago). Then I searched the isolated room, waited several minutes, only to be told that registration must be made in PLUMS One Stop Centre! What the fish!!!

Nevertheless, One Stop Centre was no better. Poor coordination or whatsoever. (I heard someone said, “saya lama suda tunggu”, and not to mention all the monotonous faces, which judging that they too, was boring waiting)

If you ask me, It’s about time PLUMS implemented ONLINE REGISTRATION!! I don’t need to remind you that most MBA students are WORKING, why the hell they held registration on working days!!! We paid PLUMS, so we are considered a client. Can’t they give us a better service, after paying them thousands per semester? It’s our right.

Some undergraduate in some universities did the registration online and why shouldn’t we? If you done the registration online, working students can do the registration at office or at night after work! Rather than disturbing regular working hours. It saves cost and time. Not to mention effectiveness. Furthermore the fact that the registration day was unorganized, some students waited unnecessarily for so long.

I can’t complain much either because this will be my SECOND LAST semester (hopefully). I will be seeing them again in the near future. I predict the same thing will be going again next semester.

P/S – PLUMS, sorry for my rant, you guys did a good job. But why take it easy if you can give us much better? Quoted from Berita Harian advertisement, which may conclude this sarcastic entry to you guys;


“Dunia dah berubah, kita semakin maju”

Persoalannya, bila PLUMS mau makin maju ni?


Just my two cents



Funny enough, I found out that I didn’t register the subject I took last semester! I went through all troubles with the classes, assignments and assessments, only to find out that I didn’t register. Damn it! I quickly paid all my semesters fees so next time I can claim I did register. Hopefully PLUMS will pity me accept my late registration. Its just paperwork. Lets just crossed my finger on that. With a bit of luck this will work, if it doesn’t, What thfish!!!




Anonymous said...

huhuu sedey oo criter ko ni =P
(lebih2 lagi last paragraph)