Friday, March 27, 2009

Every year, TM will hold a seminar to introduce their latest product/service in the market. The product/service in general assumed to boost business opportunity, aim mainly to Small Medium Enterprise (SME). 

This year, the seminar managed to draw numerous crowd from SME, compared to last year. 

Overall, it is a good approach for us, the consumer and TM to share information of the new products/services.

Oh and as a conclusion, I love the Pan Pacific cheesecake.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dealing with RHB at their new office in Warisan Square can be quite confusing.

They have different departments, at a different floor, at a different entrance. These departments are not interconnected internally so you must know where are you heading.

Be careful in choosing your way as you may end up in a different place!


Thursday, March 19, 2009


There is nothing whether good or bad, but your attitude makes it so.



Giving up is the ultimate tragedy.



Where there is unity there is always victory.



Courage is never to let your actions be influenced by your fears.



A leader is one who knows the way, goes to the way and shows the way.



Success or failure is often determined on the drawing board.



The pessimists see the difficulty in every opportunity; the optimists see the opportunity in every difficulty.



Satisfaction lies in the effort not the attainment. Full effort is full victory.



It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.



To be successful, you have to develop a hunger for it.



Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in the rising every time we fail.



When a man is no longer anxious to do better than well, he is done for.


2008 Calender

Saturday, March 14, 2009

In the IT industry, we borrowed the English terms to define all the terminologies. So did paintball. But what happen if we revert back from the queen’s language to Bahasa Melayu?

Here are some words from the paintball lingo, translate directly into Bahasa Melayu.



Johor Pirates – Lanun-Lanun Johor

D’mercy Kids – Budak-Budak Belas Kasihan

Pada kejohanan Piala Dunia Asia 2008 yang lalu, pasukan Lanun-Lanun Johor telah berjaya menjadi juara divisyen 3, manakala pasukan Budak-Budak Belas Kasihan tempat ke 4.



Marker – Penanda

Planet Eclipse – Gerhana Planet

Star Frame -  Rangka Bintang


Pimped – barua 

Saya telah membeli sebuah penanda Etek2 Ego Gerhana Planet edisi terhad yang telah diubahsuai dengan Rangka Bintang. Selain itu saya juga diberi tangki barua 68CI/4500PSI.



Angel Fly – Bidadari /Malaikat Terbang

Akie juga telah membeli sebuah penanda Bidadari Terbang bersama tangki XSV, Ia benar-benar terbang apabila ia dihantar ke KL menggunakan DHL.



Smart Parts – Bahagian Segak/Cerdas/Pintar/Ada Kelas

Pasukan kami memiliki jersi Bahagian Cerdas berwarna merah, walaupun kami sebenarnya tidaklah begitu cergas. Tetapi JT sungguh cergas ketika latihan.



Invert – Songsang

Ball breakbola pecah

Pada pertandingan yang lalu, penanda Songsang Edward menghadapi masalah bola pecah. Mujurlah beliau tidak menganuti ajaran songsang.



Dye – Pencelup/Pewarna

Tadao board – papan siang (kadazan)

Low Pressure Regulator  Pengatur Tekanan Rendah

Ronny mempunyai Pewarna Matrix 8 berwarna olive. Ben pula menaiktaraf Pewarna Matrix 8 nya kepada papan siang dan Pengatur Tekanan Rendah yang baru. Pewarna itu bukanlah seperti pewarna pensil Staedler.



Barrel sock – Sarung laras 

Feizal menggunakan sarung laras penanda mekanikal untuk penanda elektriknya. Daka boy pula menggunakan sarung kaki menggantikan sarung laras nya yang hilang.


Allen key – Kunci Allen

Kunci Allen tidak boleh menghidupkan kereta. Tapi kunci kereta Romie pasti boleh.



Dead men zone – Zon lelaki mati

Salmi boleh memasuki zon lelaki mati walaupun dia seorang wanita. Tetapi dia tidak perlu memasuki zon itu jika tidak terkena tembakan.


A Zurie and The 4 Horsemen – Sebuah Zurie dan Empat Penunggang Kuda

Paintball – bola cat 

Pasukan Sebuah Zurie dan Empat Penunggang Kuda suka bermain bola cat. Hatta sebenarnya zurie tidak pandai menunggang kuda dan merupakan kapten pasukan bola cat itu..






Daud Baharum (2003). Concise Student Dictionary English-Malay. Sasbadi Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia.






Monday, March 9, 2009

Came out with these a few hours ago.


This maybe long overdue, but winning is always sweet, regardless of time.

Congratulation to team Riverside of Labuan for their second title of the year, after winning Labuan Open Rookie category recently.

Well done to Trinity also, for retaining their Open Category title second year in a row. They are always the team to beat, alongside Hoodlum, as far as Sabah paintball is concerned.

Full results here

I watched the All England's men single final between Lee Chong Wei [ Malaysia] and Lin Dan [China]. It was and evenly contested match, but yet, Chong Wei failed to overcome Lin Dan prowess. 

I was so disappointed. Oh well, Chong Wei did gave a strong fight compared when they met last year. As far as i can remember, Hafiz Hashim did won the tournament for Malaysia years ago.

Wet should do something to enhance the badminton standard in Malaysia. Currently sitting as the number 1 player in the world, I don't see any other countrymen can overcome, or even match Chong Wei right now. 

All England is hailed as one of the major tournament, as far as badminton concerned. Unless something is done, Malaysian may never bring back the cup for years to come.