Friday, March 27, 2009

TM SME Biznet Seminar 2009

Every year, TM will hold a seminar to introduce their latest product/service in the market. The product/service in general assumed to boost business opportunity, aim mainly to Small Medium Enterprise (SME). 

This year, the seminar managed to draw numerous crowd from SME, compared to last year. 

Overall, it is a good approach for us, the consumer and TM to share information of the new products/services.

Oh and as a conclusion, I love the Pan Pacific cheesecake.


Lucky E11even said...

erm..hahaha..kelucuan aku ko punya conclusion keluar tajuk. u should try double choc cake sana. lagi sadaap. haha

tomato said...

double choc cake nda berapa minat la. tp kalau cheese cake memang i loike