Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Main Guli

Recently I went to a friends’ house to eat nasi lemak that his mother cooked. Knowing me, I can never really resist when it comes to food. It’s been awhile since I had a decent nasi lemak. After finishing my meal, I sat next to a bowl of pebbles and marble.

MARBLE! This tiny glass brings back memory I recalled at some stage in my younger days. I used to main guli with friends during my Sekolah Ugama Sembulan time (besides nyawa-nyawa). Back then I thought marble was some kind of a rock. My peers stated to dig the earth to obtain it, similar to what they did to unearth gold (yeah right!). I also made believe that keeping marbles in an aquarium can actually multiple it.

One day I decided not to play any longer and buried it deep at my backyard. I wrapped it nicely in a plastic so next time I can reclaim it. Well there’s no more next time because my house had a major renovation and the earth was filled 3 feet high!