Wednesday, May 14, 2008

final exam + blackout = ?

Answer = Bring home test


It’s a love or hate situation!

Consider this, love it because you can have the comfort of discussing the answer by group, rather than individually. Without usual time strain, which causes sore fingers and stress, as the answer book is submitted the next day. The answers? If only UMS have a loophole in their exam regulations, expect a printed version of final answer with reference. Nevertheless I don’t expect complacency, as the marking system will be set a notch higher. So the answers need to be perfect or less the same.

Hate it most probably because exam preparation before the assessment was fruitless. Now everyone has the same starting ground whether its all set or not. It doesn’t depend on how much you know, but how greatly you are well versed with the book. Apparently time spend on revising this subject can be allocate to doing something else.

Then again, we can never know what will happen. I won't point my fingers on SESB or some pathetic cable thieves. This is my first time experiencing blackout during exam. 

when it comes to power shortage, Sabah are second to none”

As for me, it’s a love situation.