Monday, May 26, 2008

Chain Letter

Have you ever received a chain letter via email, sms? Nowadays I guess everyone did. My first encounter turnout to be a very nuisance. I received this kind of letter in my house mailbox, saying that I need to send 10 more letters to other within 3 days after I read it. Enable to comply mean something bad will happen to me. So I end up photocopying that 3 pages letter, put it in a nice envelope and deliver the mail to my nearest neighbors early in the morning, just to makes sure no one saw me. Each time i think about it again, i felt so stupid.

Now, whenever I received chain letter, either by mail, email or sms, I totally ignored it after reading the first few sentences. The contents was so obvious. Nevertheless I have to admit some contains good advice and religious messages. But come to think about it, good thing won’t happen just by continuing to circulate the letter. It doesn’t work that way. 

Do you think Bill Gates will give you money just by forwarding the email sent to you by thousand, of maybe millions before you. Do you think he's so generous to donate money who are we to him? Or you will go to heaven just by sending letter? Sending letter won’t send you to heaven, prayers and good deeds do! and 1 more, our email account (or friendster) WILL NOT closed if we don't forward the messages to others, that the dumbest thing i ever heard of! Our mind always wants us to think the benefit we can gain, that’s why we fell easily to the letter contains. It was something like a myth in our society to believe in something superstitious. Thus we obliged to the threat. 

Last week I received an sms that said “don’t answer to this phone number 016-XXXXXXX, or else they will cast a black magic on you” or something like that. Duh! Is this for real?  How can we still succumb to this kind of belief. Later I found out in the newspaper, the police rebuked the claim, saying the sms was just a scam. So much for someone who started all this, you managed to get the people. I quote what Adolf Hitler said;

"The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one." - Adolf Hitler

I guess its true, judging by this situation, after all.