Saturday, April 5, 2008

As this article is written, Arsenal has just drawn 1-1 with Liverpool in a crucial match that decide the Gooners fate in the 2008 premier league. As I am concern, Arsenal now is totally out of the league title race. They needed a win to keep the pressure on Man U but failed to capitalize on several chances. 

Can you imagine they nearly lost this match! Only to be saved by Bendter equalizer in the second half. The title come-back-king sure fits Arsenal well! A disappointing result for a fan club like me. Having lead the table for quite some time before a series of draws, I’m totally frustrated with their performance.

I guess Martin Taylor reckless tackled towards Eduardo is the beginning-of-the-end of Arsenal title race. Having said that, since then, Arsenal was left with only 2 fit striker. Apparently Van Persie seldom played because of injury. For this past 3 seasons the Gooners were only able to compete for the 3rd position. A position I didn’t enjoy much considering the big club status.

One last title hope is the champions’ league. It too seemed out of the sight after a draw in the Emirates with u-know-who Liverpool. Do the young Arsenal guns still fancy a chance against the experience Liverpool side? wait and see





tomato said...

arsenal were beaten 2-1 by man u last week. that is the nail in the coffin.