Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On 14th April, IEM G&S held its annual bowling competition at Sutera Harbour. This was the 3rd straight year I joined the competition since 2006. However things didn’t go our way this time. Our trio only managed to get a scrappy 365 and 375 pin in the first and second round respectively, a merely combined pin of 740. It is still way far behind the top four, which were around 900++ pins in two games. That’s what you get when you play once a year. So the contest became practice plus competition! Nice huh.

Our team 2nd round results. Sore finger and lack of concentration contributed to my ludicrous below par performance - 83 points. Frame 5 really did the damage on my point.  

This year we have like ten teams competing (or is it eleven?). As usual some teams played poorly, some did just fine and team ‘the bachelor’, as expected, finished strongly. But there was this team that was doing so good, that we (me and my friends) doubt they were engineer! Wearing a similar shirt and played some fancy moves, showed that they were more than just an average player. A friend of my cousin was a bit disgruntled about this. (My cousin and I were in the same team).

But I do agree on several of his (or I might say her) discontentment. Not that of covetousness, but hey, we’re competing with a different level here. While most of us were ecstatic just to see the bowling hit the pin. They were thumping the pin for spare and strike graciously. It’s like you and your rival were competing on a structural design project to be completed in one week. Your rival has been doing design work for years whilst you were doing supervision job. The outcome is obvious.

Well she has the right to vent her frustration. After all it’s a lopsided competition if you ask me and I totally agree with her. But then again it depends on how you perceive the competition. If you want to achieve glory, better include a very good player in your team. If you joined for the sake of joining, having fun and making new friends, then it doesn’t matter. As for me, I joined for the former and latter ( yeah right! :P )

[Note – this event regulates a team to enlist a minimum of two engineers in a lineup of three persons].

Congratulations to IEM G&S for making this event successful. Bowling is usually the curtain raiser for other G&S activities. Hopefully this event will attract more engineers to join next year. I’ll sure be back next year!




P/S – I am greatly sorry with kak Joe for the cancellation of your team (if you reading this) I was told at 7 that he couldn’t make it. 30 minutes before competition. Terrible sorry.



Anonymous said...

bos..bila mo bw aku main boling plak

tomato said...

dari kau saja bah tu!