Thursday, April 24, 2008

Some of us may have experienced the bad traffic inside Centre Point parking lot. Gosh. Imagine left high and dry in your way out in a car in a shopping complex parking, and you are not even reach the road yet! 

The Centre Point Management needs to do something. This problem has been going on for months, but even though most people knew about it, they still went there! The congestion inside the building is getting worse, more than ever in the weekend. Centre Point may be touted as the best shopping mall in Sabah, but when it comes to traffic congestion, they are as par as other congested roads in KK!

I parked at the fifth floor and have to endure the nuisance all the way to the payment counter, which is at the second floor. That, remind you, was inside the building. Outside, car going in to park at Centre Point was stretched till Hotel Le Meridian traffic light. This, out of many, contributes to the KK City congestion. So the Management is facing two problems here, the first is congestion inside and the other one is outside the building.

 It’s about time for them to use an automatic parking payment machine. These machines have been used in some shopping mall in KL. It will reduces the time spend to pay parking charge at the current payment counter, hence, make it easier to get out. Instead of wait in line in the car, we queue to pay inside the building. If we can settle the first problem, the second will gradually decrease. These machines, in my opinion, should be place at level 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 for easy access and monitoring.

 Furthermore, the manual parking system layout was poorly designed that it WILL eventually lead to congestion. Although 4 payment counters available just before the exit, it is still not enough to accommodate cars especially during peak time. Previously, they locate each payment booth at level 2, 3 and 4 but apparently they scrapped it.

 These changes will cost more, but it is so far a considerable alternative. Of course the best alternative is; don’t park at Centre Point la! If they can’t afford to have 5 machines, 3 are enough. Its time to use an automatic payment machine in Sabah, and Centre Point Management should lead. After all, smooth car flow means they can earn more. At the mean time, I won’t park at Centre Point, not on weekend.


Anonymous said...

Noob bah siapa parking weekend di CP. Bagus pi Sugud main paintball weekend! hehehe!

tomato said...

mana mau lari boy! fight ba. haha