Thursday, February 18, 2010

Streamyx or Wimax?

I’ve been using Streamyx for as long as I can remember. I have multiple streamyx accounts (KK, and Tawau) , but recently I’ve decided to change in favor of the new Redtone Wimax in November 2009.

The constant Streamyx service disruption has made me reach my patience limit. Enough is enough.

The result? for the initial two months the service has been great. But come January it was in poor form. Constant maintenance has made the service very bad. Up to the limit that i think to revert back to Streamyx. But now everything seems ok. (for now, i want to keep my lips tight on this)

The setback, in my opinion, is the monthly charges. Customers have to fork out 138 per month for the basic service plus modem rental.

For now I’m comfortable with Wimax. For how long? God will decide…