Friday, February 5, 2010

My Paintball Expenses

I've summarized all my expenses during my game at MY-NPL first round

MAS Ticket return from KK to Kl - RM502.00
KLIA Express return, KLIA to KL Central - RM70.00
Taxi, KL Central to Bistari Condo - RM18.00
Sumptuous food for 3 days - RM100.00
Taxi, Bistari Condo to Astaka, 1st day - RM15.00
Taxi, Bistari Condo to Astaka, 2nd day - RM10.00
Taxi, Astaka to Bistari Condo, 2nd day - RM18.00
Registration, id & pellet - RM365.00

So my total expenses = RM1,098.00

Here's some important facts that may help;
  • The total weight for my luggage for the return flight is less than 20kg, so no additional payment is required. I recommend Sabahan paintballer to use MAS instead of AirAsia. Its a bit expensive so early booking is crucial.
  • I'm using the upper bag of Dye Navigator to travel with all my equipments inside.
  • Always keep your bag locked