Monday, November 30, 2009

"Please take note that ORANGE and YELLOW are prohibited colours, so please make sure get rid of that colours from your attire and equipment. Any doubts pls contact The UJ at 016 332 3376 / 017 285 0980. TQ"

That is one rule that's going to be a pain in the a$$ for me, specifically the banning of YELLOW color. I own many yellow attires/equipments. This means i have to change ALMOST ALL of my those.

The majors are my markers, i have a yellow tiger stripes etek2 and black/yellow luxe, then yellow mask, angel headband, joy division jerseys (and i have 2 of these), joy pants, velocity sandana shell, yellow tank cover and even my teams jersey have a yellow APSA logo on our arm!

Whilst the latter are easier to get rid of, what about the markers? It costs me thousands and I'm sure it'll become useless, and the value will decrease as soon as these rules been implemented in the new season!

In my opinion, its better for the organizer to change the color of pellets rather than the players changing their equipments. But that's just me...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The World Cup Asia has just closed it curtain. I might say this year’s tournament is much better compared to last year although there is more room for improvement to look into.

Speaking of room of improvement. I think they should look into the field condition. Its muddy all over the snake and starting area.

Even during the final, the crowds have an unpleasant smell of the mud. Although it was drizzling but the crowd turnout is better than last year.

On the other hand, the booth and expo was as happening as always. There were plenty of stuff to look into and there’s Chris Lasoya for god sake!

My biggest regret was that I should have bought the fuzzy stick and pod bag from the dye booth on the first day rather than wait for the last minute.
Gods permit we’ll be back again last year. Hopefully WCA 2010 will come with a bigger bang. Till then… YOU’RE OUT!

See you guys again next year. Kalau kami join lagi la.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Korban!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Scania had finally opened their own workshop here in KK. Situated in KKIP, it’s a bit far from their previous office at Inanam.

The infrastructure was good and spacious. It’s about time that they got their own property since they’ve been in Sabah for almost 10 years

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bateri kereta...

Bateri kereta aku mati hari jumaat lepas. Macam blum pernah lagi aku tukar bateri sepanjang pakai kereta ni.

well just to share. bateri ninja ada dua. satu kiri and kanan. to differentiate them, there are label n120- L or R. n120 is the battery type and L or R represent the side of the battery situated. Left or Right. The positive of the battery should point inside and the negative outside,

Sunday, November 1, 2009

IRB Championship

I just watched the IRB Championship women match held in Stadium Likas between India and Malaysian. We were hammered 28-7 by the Indian team.

What a game. I think the Malaysian team need to work on their strength and their fitness. It’s a one sided affair as the Indian players was bigger and stronger. A strong push by the opponent and our players fell helplessly on the ground for the rest of the game. Although our women team did have several import players on the team, that also didn’t help much.

On the near corner, one of the Malaysian players lay down on the ground. MEDIC!!

Well one match for me is enough to sum up the entire Malaysian campaign.

The tournament wrapped the next day in just 2 days.