Monday, November 30, 2009

"Please take note that ORANGE and YELLOW are prohibited colours, so please make sure get rid of that colours from your attire and equipment. Any doubts pls contact The UJ at 016 332 3376 / 017 285 0980. TQ"

That is one rule that's going to be a pain in the a$$ for me, specifically the banning of YELLOW color. I own many yellow attires/equipments. This means i have to change ALMOST ALL of my those.

The majors are my markers, i have a yellow tiger stripes etek2 and black/yellow luxe, then yellow mask, angel headband, joy division jerseys (and i have 2 of these), joy pants, velocity sandana shell, yellow tank cover and even my teams jersey have a yellow APSA logo on our arm!

Whilst the latter are easier to get rid of, what about the markers? It costs me thousands and I'm sure it'll become useless, and the value will decrease as soon as these rules been implemented in the new season!

In my opinion, its better for the organizer to change the color of pellets rather than the players changing their equipments. But that's just me...


AngeL BeaR said...

hrm..had spoken to quite a few, but yet to get clarification on this matter. Initially, only YELLOW COLOR LOADERS (solid yellow..means whole body semua kuning lah) is not allowed in the USPL rule...

I think those who had little stripes of yellow here and there should be fine. But will get more info to clarify this matter the soonest.