Saturday, May 23, 2009

Got an email from Cornelius Koh

Date of Hunt: 26 July 2009
Briefing: 25 July 2009 @ 2pm @ Grand Ballroom, Sutera Magellan Hotel
Entry Fee: RM350 per team
Closing Date for Entry: 18 July 2009 @ 3pm

1) Dr Joseph Ninan (088-761472)
2) Ellen Yee (088-231505/257507, 013-8109963)
3) Angela Enggoh (088-231505/257507)

You can download the entry form here

The theme for this hunt is "Reaching Out to Paediatric Care", so we can expect some of the question will relate to the pediatric care etc.

Yup. The entry fees is a bit high compared to other treasure hunt i've joined so far. But it goes to charity, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Im expecting team Dynamix will be ready by that time!  


Lucky E11even said...

next time aku mau join ni treasure hunt smua ni. not now lah. belum pun ada team.ahaha

tomato said...

jom la join. cuba-cuba dulu.

Lucky E11even said...

join team ko? alamat kalah la kamu nnt.ahaha

Horsemen 1# said...

mahalnya...mana lagi mahu ikut tournament KK Open lagi..

Unknown said...

Latest updates on the PCA Treasure Hunt:
Briefing on 25th July 2009: Now at 1 Borneo at 2.00 pm
Entry fees: Now reduced to RM200 for 2 participants per car team and RM300 for 3 to 4 participants per car team.
Flag-Off and ending on 26th July 2009 is from 1 Borneo now.

tomato said...

thanks leonard for the updates

Unknown said...

More up-dates on the Palliative Care Association of KK Treasure Hunt.
Prizes : Totaling RM40,000.00.
There will be 2 Acer notebooks for the champions and 1st runner-ups.On top of these the champions will also get RM2,000.00 while the 1st runner-up RM1,000.00.
No. of teams to-date: 50 teams
Briefing is on 25th July 2009 at 2 pm at Novetel, Business Centre, Level 4 of 1Borneo.
See you there!

Leonard said...

Results of PCA Treasure Hunt held last Sunday (26th July 2009).
Team No. 2, comprising of Cornelius Koh,Vivian Cham,Edward Bakri & Dennis Koh came up tops over the 53 car teams that took part in the event.They won cash,RM2,000, 1 Acer Aspire Notebook,Mabul Diver's package and other prizes worth more than RM6K altogether. Team No. 1 from Kuala Lumpur was second while Team No.10 was 3rd.Please go to PCA's website at: for photos about the hunt.

tomato said...

tq for the info leonard!

Leonardo said...

Tutorial Hunt coming up for new hunters!
Cornelius Koh of Megapawns and Alvin Wong of Kena Tembak Team have put their heads together to organize a hunt meant mainly for novices or new hunters to learn about the final pointers of motorized treasure hunting in August 2009.It is only RM100 per car team to participate.Those interested are advised to check out Cornelius' website for the entry forms and info about the hunt.His website is: