Monday, May 25, 2009

Our 2008/2009 season fantasy football has finally come to an end. 38 weeks of tactical change, players substitution, game forecast and pure football talking is done.

Congratulation to Zurie for the constant challenge. He went on to become the champion of the Juara Dunia league (jaga ko next season. haha). 

To Aki, good try, i managed to land a last blow and overtake him on the last week! 

To Oyo, its ok, you can try next time. 

Many thanks also to lobo, dawang, ronny, apit, sakul, roy jeremy and nsa. You guys tried, but it's all came down to luck.  

NE also has shown a good improvement by finishing mid table in her first year of participation. Good job!

Below is the top 11 highest scoring players. Note that 3 players are from Liverpool and Chelsea, 2 from Man Utd, 1 from Aston Villa, Everton and Fulham respectively. None are from Arsenal! can you believe that.

Anyway, i hope you guys will join the next fantasy league again in august. Spread the words, the more the merrier. Till then..


Anonymous said...

Booo... tolak point week aku blum join laa!!! haha(Aki)

tomato said...

ko ni aki umpama hull city yang terlepas dari relegation. haha

cuba lagi tahun hadapan melawan tomato fc. glory glory tomato fc. haha

Buwau98 said...

remind me this august, i'll hope i could register a team

Lucky E11even said...

haha 2nd place ko? hampir juara tu. ekeke. btw aku bangga ada baby ku c Ronaldo dlm top 11 (note: 11 lucky number.kahkahkah).

tomato said...

eh. bukan baby ko si lescott ka? ok jg tu handsome. ko rgk dulu muka dia. haha

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Hi,thanks for your visit.

Ni apa eh? pc game? Hehe

Lucky E11even said...

wakaka kambeng ko. baby aku ronaldo ja k.lescott pla. klu walcott mau la aku.ahaha

ZURIE!!! said...

Wuhuu!!!!! BEST FROM THE REST BABY!!!!! CHAMPIONS!!!! WHOS UR DADDY!!!!!!! (Bragging rights... hahaha)

tomato said...

next season ba. nnt aku create awal2. baru la saingan. jan jak ada register lmbt.heh