Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spraying My Mask & Loader

So i've decided to do something with my loader and mask. I've nothing against the original color, its just i need a color that can blend well with my attire and importantly, my marker, and certainly stand out on picture :).

Then I did some research and was quite attracted to the picture above, taken from pbnation.
The luxe, rotor and mask does look nice and complement each other.

I also found out there's two way to color your plastic equipment;
a) dye
b) spray

The 1st process, imo, is so tedious, and consume time to...
Here're some useful link that may help if you decided to dye your equipment 1 2 3

I've decided to do the latter as it is more convenient (i did it before, so i have experience beforehand)

Here's what you need;
* aerosol spray - i recommend Nippon Paint
* muskin tape, industrial type (Not the one you usually use in the office)
* turpentine - to remove unwanted color after spraying
* paper cutter - to cut the muskin tape
* unwanted newspaper

Here's a sticky on how they do it

And here's how I do it...
(Please note that i didn't use sand paper. I'm low on resources so I only use anything I can find in my store)

1. Clean the mask/loader thoroughly. Remove all the residue like sand, etc
2. Let it dry and wipe it cleanly

3. Clean the mask/loader, put the maskin tape on the area you dont want to spray

4. Spray evenly. Put the nozzle 60 cm from the mask/loader. let it dry for a couple hour

5. Spray again for the second layer, make sure you didn't miss a spot

6. Let it dry before removing the musking tape

the results...

something different... :)