Monday, October 19, 2009

Vision Paintball Field

Ever since I heard about the first paintball field opened in Tawau, I was always eager to check the field out and see how the paintball has been progressing in Tawau.

So after days of goggling and searching where it could possibly be, I managed to get slight information on the whereabouts. The chance came through when I went to Tawau for a site meeting, which eventually being postponed due to bad weather.

But it didn’t turned out as what I expected. There were no one to been seen on the field. Furthermore the paintball field netting was not well maintained. I tried to calm myself saying it’s too early. Yup, I went there at 8am something, hoping to watch someone playing but the gate was still closed.

So I decided to come at a later time.

I did come 15 minutes before 6 and still there’s no one on sight. :(

So I guessed maybe paintball don’t have much follower here.