Saturday, April 25, 2009

[A few more hours before my flight to KL for the ISSC 09

This will be my first time playing in a competitive 7-man speedball game, and so as my teammates.

No high expectation, as usual, since our team is considered under-dog compared to other teams from Sabah, above all Hoodlums, Sparta X (consists of Trinity & Jesselton NXS) and a newly formed team, Kinabalu Legion, which their strength is yet to be tested.

 saya surrender!! argh

I’m looking forward for the DYE booth in the event. I’ve been craving to get my hands on that DYE Navigator for so long! And not to mention some Planet Eclipse parts. I lost my ETEK2 feedneck screw (during Labuan Open) and ASA screw (god knows where I dropped it).

As of some kind of a norm, the paintball tournament coincides with my final exam. I had to skip presentation and send my individual assignment earlier. To make things worse, I had to buy a new ticket just to make sure I can sit for my exam paper on Monday. *Sob*

All in all, I hope the best for our team. Game on Horsemen!


Bob said...

holy crap? bila you guys sampai?

Unknown said...

Babe!!... I thought i'm getting the navigator 08 4 ur birthday... sigh..terpaksa la kasi beli allen keys jak ni. LOL. JK

Feizal said...

Sorry I didn't get to see you off this morning. Sleep got the best of me. I'll see you there tommorrow. Game on Horsemen!

tomato said...

bob : kami akan sampai ke IJM COBRA (our place of accomodation) on thursday

NE : i want a cheese cake ble ka

Feizal : ok bah kalau ko. yang penting dpt lepas security airport walaupun banyak soalan. huhu

Toingo said...

Mission utk dptkan screw success!!

tomato said...

yippa.. tinggal beg lagi