Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So today I went to DBKK, again.

8354. hopefully this number come out 4d!


Which means there are 189 person to be served before my turn.

Finally my turn did come up at 2.40pm. So I paid the dues and went off.



Eventually I come up with some interesting findings. It is based on my humble 2 days observation. However these findings is limited to DBKK licensing section only.



1 counter can entertain 27 people in 187 minutes

So 1 person takes about 6.93 minutes or 7 minutes


* There are 7 counters on duty. They actually have 11 counters available.




Lets assume

- 400 people renewing license that day

- Each person represented 1 company




License renewal (RM25.00) + Processing fees (RM 5.00)

Total                            =          RM30.00


RM30.00 x 400 person = RM12,000.00!

I myself renewed 3 licenses. So you guys work the figure out.

Think how much DBKK can make by issuing and renewing trading license throughout the year! There are still parking fees, property tax, license whatnot etc.


So that’s just about it.

Monday, January 5, 2009

I went to DBKK building to renew my companies’ trading licenses.

The building has gone through major renovation last year. It looks more spacious, comfortable and organized now. There were many counters too.

I guess when Kota Kinabalu is declared city in 2002, DBKK had also planned to improve the main landmark of the city, which is the city hall building.

Even the numbering machine was upgraded to touch screen.

How cool is that!

Being the first Monday in 2009, it was crammed with people. People with so many purpose that need to be done on this particular day.

From my observation, most of them came to renew trading license.

I obtained my number from the numbering machine. Upon receiving the piece of paper, I blinked in disbelieve and was speechless.


It’s 3.59pm in the afternoon and there are still 278 people waiting to be served!


The funny thing was, it said;


Hello, Kerusi pun tiada suda macamama mau duduk. Sebentar pun tidak boleh ini terlampau ramai orang.

Instead of that, it should be like this

So I took off and went to office. Looks like I have to endure this whole thing again tomorrow morning.




Any business related with government / bank / or whatever thing that need to queue, it is better to do it early in the morning. The chances to finish dealing early is most likeable.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009! 

May tomorrow be better than yesterday